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Last night I got a mysterious phone call from a “Restricted” number and the conversation was highly unusual: he started out saying he had been trying to reach me for a long time and that he was guided during meditation to reach out to me. After indulging the call for a bit I realized it was exactly like a call I received a few years ago and challenged him, he denied it. Meanwhile I knew exactly where the call was heading. He was about to go into discussing how my lower chakras are blocked and how I need to receive the Tantra white light in order to fully unblock them. Of course that means he would have to have sex with me in order to receive this “healing”. Finally I had enough and told him that I would be able to get this from my boyfriend, thank you very much. Quickly he made his exit, pouting that there was someone else who would gladly receive this since I was obviously not ready.

I decided there and then to see if anyone else had heard from this guy. Evidently they have.

I found this article on the following website: http://www.healthypages.com/community/threads/this-is-dedicated-to-exposing-an-evil-that-is-pursuing-and-taking-advantage-of-women.5143/ and they got it from…http://www.catryce.com/Healing/SpiritualFraud.html

“”Spiritual Fraud “”

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This page is dedicated to exposing an evil that is pursuing and taking advantage of women seeking spiritual enlightenment. There have been, and continue to be, women contacted worldwide by this man calling himself Marajh or Marajh Singh.
This is not his real name. (Often sounds like Sun).

He targets women in the healing arts such as Reiki, massage, life coaches, and other healing professions. He professes to be a Tantra Master from Tibet living in Sedona, Arizona. He may claim to be a representative of others such as Sai Baba. He claims that through him women can receive the “white light” of spiritual enlightenment. Although he sounds very convincing, this man is a fraud.

He tells women that he has received their phone number while meditating in Tibet and that they have been chosen to receive his enlightenment. The reality is he gets names and numbers from spiritual schools and the internet. He seduces them with hypnotic and mind control methods including meditation, candles, and rituals. He then controls them by subtlety suggesting what to eat, what to wear, and when to meditate.

Calling frequently, he tape records and writes down information about their family and business. Once he has them under his “spell” he arranges for them to meet him, Florida seems to be a usual place. It then becomes a sexual encounter with him furthering his control. He uses ritual techniques such as a “white bath” to enhance his false spiritual techniques. The bath may be drugged to allow him to abuse his victims and photograph them. He then of course wants a “donation” for his service. (It is all about money and power.)

He has others working with him. If this man contacts you beware! He may be using other names so be cautious.

He gives his Sedona phone number which rings in a telephone maintenance shed. (When I received his call it came up “Restricted”) After seeing this page, his story may change, but the mind control methods he uses are hypnotic and have been developed over years of contacting people by phone. You may want to look at methods used in cults and mind control: Mind Control Methods.

He is approximately 50 years old, appears Indian or Pakistani, speaks with an eastern accent, and walks with a limp. He also has scarring on his arm and leg. If you have been contacted by him -DO NOT ENGAGE-. If you have been touched by his evil beware of the stalking and psychic attacks. He pursues his victims in hopes of getting a pay-off. He uses destructive methods to demoralize his victims and their family. His method is to isolate and humiliate them so that NO ONE talks about it. Once he separates the family, he gets what’s left in the woman’s estate and dumps her. Many people’s lives have been affected by this evil. It is time to speak out.

Spiritual Enlightenment may be obtained in more healthy ways. We all know there are NO SHORT CUTS. If you think so- then you are a potential target for this man. This article is about misuse of sexual power by those calling themselves a spiritual master: Sexual Relations With Your Guru? (See how Bikram is currently being prosecuted for similar behavior).

Important note this: If he has not already, we expect this man to start using different names, stories, etc. as the word spreads. (Although I can see that this article was posted in 2004 and here it is 2016 and just last night I got the same story. After I hung up, and because this was the 2nd call from him or someone like him, I received one just like this about 2 years ago, I decided to see if there was anything out there about this guy. That is when I came across this article and decided to post it here on my own blog. I would hate for any woman to be pulled in and seduced by this, he is so compelling and I know just how convincing he can be, but please don’t be mesmerized).

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Please pass on this article to other forums. Thank you
Love and Light.



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